As vehicles continue to go mainstream, the technology companies are expected to expand the capabilities of car and instinctively enhance its existing functionality. Some of the auto-tech players in the market are more focused on overcoming the common connectivity challenges for the cars with the help of mesh networks and satellites. While there are some others who are initiating new use cases for the vehicles to interact with the world outside. At the same time the interior of the vehicles is also rapidly updating. The automakers and tech start-ups across the globe are integrating advanced tools like augmented reality and computer vision to the vehicle’s dashboard in order to mount an additional layer of personalization and safety to the driving experience. The in-vehicle entertainment and information is modernising rapidly and following are some of the trend that are anticipated to be witnessed in coming year.

Partnerships among the industry players to augment in-car experiences

The automotive industry since its inception has undergone tremendous transformations. And in past few years, owing to surfacing of a new wave of consumer-driven demands the transformations have become more significant and disruptive. Adoption of advanced technologies has enabled rapid evolution in the automotive industry, which has eventually added more screens and software into the car. This in response has resulted in development of more advanced in-vehicle entertainment and information projects based on further advanced technical capabilities in order to support and maintain a cohesive experience of driving.

As in-vehicle experiences get technologically advanced, the manufacturers are looking for an integrated, fully enabled human machine interaction (HMI) platform to encapsulate all different domain under one vehicle. For instance, the Ot company that provides all critical technology for effortless development of touch driven displays partnered with LG electronic vehicle component solution company to enhance LG’s development of highly advanced in-car experiences. The collaboration also covers the development of software of in-vehicle information system for a broad range of automotive manufactures.

Emerging Economies Present High-potential Investment Pockets

APAC is one of the fastest developing region and also among the imperative automotive hubs globally. The prominence of the region in the market is mainly attributed to the presence of countries like china, who account for nearly 30% of the passenger cars produced across the world. In addition, low cost of labor, and availability of skilled workforce sums to the competitive advantage to the province. Also the government in such countries have been initiating policies in favor of the market, and generated significant traction in-terms of investments in technology and automobile industry. The market in APAC is further strengthen by the in-depth foothold of the semiconductor industry. The aforementioned factors in the coming years are expected to fuel the in-vehicle entertainment and information market.

The global in-vehicle infotainment market is expected to witness a high growth rate during the forecast period. The rising adoption of entertainment and navigation systems as well as increasing penetration of smart phone and connectivity technologies along with rising safety concerns has led to a noteworthy growth of the in-vehicle infotainment systems market. The global In-Vehicle entertainment & information system market is segmented on the basis of deployment type, component, connectivity technology, interaction type and geography. Based on deployment type, the global market is segmented into integrated, embedded and tethered. On the basis of component, the global In-Vehicle entertainment & information system market is segmented into hardware, software, and services. By connectivity technology the market has been segmented into Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC. By interaction type, the global market is categorized into voice enabled, touch based, manual-button controlled, and gesture based. Geographically, the market is divided into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Middle East & Africa.

The key global players of In-Vehicle entertainment & information system market are Alpine Electronics, Inc., Clarion Co., Ltd., Continental AG, Denso Ten Limited, Garmin Ltd., Harman International, Pioneer Corporation, JVC Kenwood Corporation, Panasonic Corporation.