Growth in cement and agriculture industries to boost the demand in the calcite market

Calcite has impressive properties, making it one of the minerals most widely used. In construction and agriculture, it is widely adopted as a raw material. Calcite demand has seen the steady increase in the market, particularly from the cement and agriculture industries. As a result of calcite’s ability to prepare medicines, there has also been a growing demand of the pharmaceutical industry. Calcite dampens adhesive and sealant retention, while improving its consistency and gap filling characteristics. Due to a magnificent increase in demand and in the production of adhesives, plastics, sealants and polymers in recent times, widespread availability of calcite is expected to increase further. In the petroleum and gas sectors, calcite has been used to regulate the infiltration volume of stone fluids as an added substance in liquids connected with boring.

The manufacturers are focused on reducing the size of calcite to the level of nano due to their increased efficiency in filler applications in paint and lacquer, and in plastics and polymers. The increasing changes in the calcite particle size of various production processes are likely to produce huge changes in the calcite market, thus paving the way for immense opportunities for fine-sized market growth. In addition, calcite markets are projected to be driven in the near future by the proliferating cement and paints & cover sectors. Numerous domestic players are saturated in the calcite market, posing a threat to market leaders. To counter this, the focus is growing on long-term ties with end user industries by leading manufacturers of calcite. Recently, leading market players in ASEAN, India and China have concentrated on using emerging opportunities to increase their foothold in the calcite market.

Due to increased use of paper in producing several daily supplies such as coffee cups, tissues, printed paper and packaging material, the North American Calcite market will flourish during the projected period. High quality alkaline paper consumption in large scales, increasing demand for coated paper, and growing agriculture in Mexico will fuel demand for Calcite. A slump in industrial manufacture in the coming years could however hinder its growth. Asia-Pacific will emerge as the world’s most rapidly growing Calcite market, due to the rapid growth of the plastics and paper industries. Asia-Pacific Demand in the region is also higher because of factors such as new paper mills, increased paper production, and increased mineral paper loading to reduce pulp consumption. Because of the adoption of new manufacturing technologies, loadings in China are relatively higher. The China Paper-Making Industry Association is encouraged to choose Calcite derivatives over other filler materials at low prices and easy availability.

The key industry players present in the global calcite market Omya AG, Silver Microns Pvt. Ltd., Northern Minerals Co. LLC, J.M. Huber Corporation, Nordkalk Corporation, Esen Mikronize Maden, MJ Minerals, Gulshan Polyols Ltd, Excaliber Minerals, Fimatec Ltd. and Jay Minerals among others.