Superior property of stability of biopharmaceutical excipients and need of improved drug delivery system to fuel the global market growth

The stability of large molecules is inherently lower compared with small molecules. Research and investment to tackle the above challenges are being undertaken leading to the increase in the growth rate of the global biopharmaceutical excipients market. The growth of the biopharmaceutical industry has given traditional drug excipient developers potential opportunities to expand their business activities in the market. In recent times, huge revenue was generated by the global market for biopharmaceutical excipients. A significant part of its popularity is the ability of biopharmaceutical excipients to provide stability. Another trend that has pushed global market growth is the presence of a seamless pharmaceutical company.

In order to develop product with multifunctional and increased performance, manufacturers are also seeking chemical research laboratories. It is anticipated that the implementation of strategies for improving the production economy and resolving the issues of rigorous product development timeframes will contribute to progress in the biopharmaceutical industry. In addition to IV solutions that have created possible avenues for companies, large molecular developers incorporate methods for development of biological agents in various dosage forms to simplify their portfolio into solid excipients.

Carbohydrates dominated to market owing to widespread availability and reasonable price

Carbohydrates, especially saccharose, dextrose and starch, have dominated the market and played the key role in global sales. The simple availability of products at reasonably priced means that about 80% of the lyophilized monoclonal antibody-based formulations are widely used for bulking and stabilizing purposes. Furthermore, because of its well-defined safety profile, starch is commonly used in a number of drug products. It can be amended so as to increase the properties of large molecules that contribute further to developing complex delivery systems. Major companies are committed to improving their manufacturing processes to meet the GMP requirements.

Europe to be the leading regional market owing to the presence of diversified suppliers and the significant research funding

Europe, followed by North America, was the world’s largest proportion in 2018. The presence of diversified suppliers and the significant research funding in the Division of Chemicals have led increase in revenue share of these regions. In the following years, the prospects for growth in these markets for this industry will be moderate. There will be profitable growth in emerging markets like India, China and South Korea. The expected growth in raw material demand and sales in these markets can be attributed to the maturing biopharmaceutical industry and the growing footprint of companies in Asian countries. With a significant number of small, medium and large-sized manufacturers and suppliers, it is observed that the market is consolidated in nature. Collaboration between excipient producers and biopharmaceuticals developers can greatly benefit from the success of this market. These colloborations are used to help end-users and fabricators identify the essential attributes and test methods for evaluation of different excipient products.

The key industry players present in the global biopharmaceutical excipients market are Spectrum Chemical Manufacturing Corp. ; Signet Chemical Corporation Pvt ; Signet Chemical Corporation SE. Biological Pharmonix Pvt. Ltd. Sigachi Industries Pvt ; Roquette ; SPI Pharma. Clairant ; Colorcon, Inc., and DFE Pharma ; IMCD ; Meggle AG, Clariant. These players in the industry are implementing strategic initiatives such as the launch, acquisition and merger of new products that help them strengthen their market position.