Chloropicrin to dominate the global Agricultural Fumigants Market.

It is estimated that the chloropicrin segment is responsible for the largest proportion of the agricultural market. Chloropicrin-based products are constantly in demand in developed countries and account, in particular in the European region. The multifunctionality of the chloropicrin segment is mainly driven by its effective fumigation action in the killing of nematodes, fungi and weeds. Moreover, increased use of agricultural soil fumigants has led to increased demand for agricultural chloropicrin fumigants for better crop production and reduced losses in post-harvest production. When bacterial flora changes are seen in soil function, the impact of chloropicrin is rather negative. The use of chloropicrin compounds also constitutes a critical criterion of environmental deterioration which is one of the key factors hindering the growth of the market.

Phosphine, irrespective of its potential to cause human health hazards, is the fastest growing product globally. This is both toxic and inflammable and should only be used by licensed applicators. For long periods of time and in closed and compact houses, phosphine application should be done for maximum results. This practice should not be carried out on a product basis, but on the basis of the area to be treated and is strictly prohibited for use in areas not fully sealed as it may cause severe damage to humans and animals in the neighbourhood.

North America to be the regional leading market due to increasing consumption of agricultural fumigants

North America was the leading region in 2017 for volume consumtion with a market share of around 34.5%. The region is made up of several crop protection chemical producers and there is an ever-growing need for sustainable agriculture. Numerous regulations are also in place to protect agriculture. It is necessary for manufacturers to follow the guidelines to ensure product sustainability and maximum output.

Due to numerous macroeconomic considerations such as increased availability and sensitivity to the usage of such products as a crop protected method, Asia Pacific is expected to be the fastest growing regional segment during the forecast period. Increasing numbers of manufacturers owing to the availability of cheap labour is expected to drive the regional market over the forecasted period.

The demand for increased plant cultivation, is expected to increase the global market growth of agricultural fumigants. This would stimulate rural economies such as China, India, Thailand, Japan and Vietnam in emerging economies in Asia Pacific. In view of regulations on cultivation, Europe will expect to show a high growth rate.

Increased consumer incline to improve quality of agricultural production to drive the global agricultural fumigants market

A number of factors, including an increased consumer incline to improve quality of agricultural production, changing farming practices and advanced storages technologies can be attributed to the growth of the farm fumigants market. Moreover, the growing demand for alternative methods of pesticide control, strict regulations on food safety and the availability of large products are also some of the factors which fuel the growth of the global agricultural fumigants market.